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Stickers - specification



The ideal form of data you send to us:

- always submit your graphics in 300dpi resolution
smaller size graphics always submit in actual size, in 1:1 ratio
large size graphics (e.g. 1m or larger) you can use 1:2 ratio or a smaller ratio for extra large prints
- If possible, please always submit your graphics
in curves (cdr, ai, eps)
- If you have graphics in bitmap (raster), you should consult your data with our graphic designer
- We accept all formats of Corel and Adobe graphics or eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf or tiff formats. In case of other formats, please consult your order with us.

- all date should be sent in CMYK colour scale, black and white data in greyscale format. Other colour models (RGB, Spot - direct colour e.g. Pantone, DeviceN - duplex, triplex, multi-channel pictures) can be used as well but we can’t guarantee identical colour scales of the final product.

- all graphic objects (especially objects with shadows or transaprencies) join up for one raster

- text and vector objects without effects (transparencies, shadows) always convert to curves

- finally data must be sent as kompozition PDF/X-1a


Don´t forget on registration marks and bleed (3mm).

If you need help, contact us! Our graphics from DTP studio are ready for you.



Pro každou objednávku nebo kalkulaci potřebujeme znát tyto údaje:

- What kind of stickers, foils or products you are interested in
Were you want to apply your stickers and the print quality you require:
(Normal quality, exterior, less detailed)
(High quality, interior, highly detailed)
Number of pcs
What sizes / dimensions you require
- Whether or not you are
interested in installation of the product
- In case of car stickers we need to know
the type of the vehicle
- In case of shop windows we need to know the type and if it is a sticker for interior or exterior
if you have your graphics done



- Do you hesitate how to treat and process your graphic data and logo to fit the promotional item you have chosen?

- Is quality of your graphic data unsatisfactory?

- Is your graphic design incomplete and you need assistance to finalize the motif and graphic design?


Let our graphic and DTP studio do the job!



Till 14 working days after you provide all documents needed.

Do you need your products faster than this? Contact us!

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