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"Omniabsence - khaki"

Buttons - specification



The ideal form of data you send to us:

- graphic data should be in the same size as the final print; 1:1 scale, 300dpi resolution and with exceeding graphics (cut outs) according to our templates

- we accept all traditional formats from ADOBE and COREL sets,  eventually formats eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff, other formats on request

- all date should be sent in CMYK colour scale, black and white data in greyscale format

- all graphic objects (especially objects with shadows or transaprencies) join up for one raster

- text and vector objects without effects (transparencies, shadows) always convert to curves

- finally data must be sent as kompozition PDF/X-1a


To make your work easy USE OUR TEMPLATES:

If you need help, contact us! Our graphics from DTP studio are ready for you.



- preparation for cut outs BADGES

download (PDF)

- button sizes 1:1 (A3)

download (PDF)



For each order or quation we need to know the following information:

- code(s) of products

- number of product units

- type of packing (types are HERE)


Use faster and easiest way - our form!



Delivery time is up to 7 days from submission of all data.

Do you need a quicker delivery? Contact us! We are often able to ship your goods on the next day from receiving your order.

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