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Safety pin buttons




- Metal buttons with safety pins, print is covered with transparent glossy foil for print protection and for greater motive effect
- Button motives are printed on 80-120g/m2 paper
- We offer
15 types of size and shape (see below)
- State the product code in your order (codes can be found in brackets)
- See SPECIFICATIONS for real size previews (1:1) and information on data submission
- Use our order FORM or e-mail for quick calculations or orders
- Contact us if you have any questions!



25mm – circle
32mm – circle
37mm – circle
44mm – circle
50mm – circle
56mm – circle
58mm – circle
65mm – circle

(code B101)
(code B102)
(code B103)
(code B104)
(code B105)
(code B106)
(code B107)
(code B108)

75mm – circle
90mm – circle
110mm – circle
69x45mm – oval
37x37mm – square 
58x38mm – rectangle
25x70mm – slim rectangle


(code B109)
(code B110)
(code B111)
(code B112)
(code B113)
(code B114)
(code B115)





We ship within 7 days after you provide all documents needed.


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