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Booklet Digipack


Booklet is one or multi-page book that we put in a standard CD case (jewel case).
The case can be used for DVD, Blue-Ray or HD-DVD discs, as well.

We mostly print booklets on matte coated paper 135g/m2 but you can choose paper of your choice. Booklets can have from one sheet (2 pages) up to 22 sheets (44 pages). If you want more sheets the weight of paper must be reduced to 115g/m2 to fit the CD case.

If you’re interested in something other than typical or have any questions, let us know. We can help you create your booklet to be different from the traditional ones. Contact us: kontakt@crystalprod.cz



Are you bored with traditional CD boxes with booklets? We offer various types of digipacks. Digipack gained its popularity due to a solid and resistant cardboard that looks like a book cover.
You can choose a digipack version that’s best for you. We offer everything from simple two-page digipacks to multi-page digipacks with several pockets for booklets.

You can finish your product with glossy or matte lamination, or with partial gloss.
You can find all available versions HERE.

In case you didn’t find the version you were looking for we can make

a special package just for you - contact us!



- For more information about audio storages click HERE.
- You can find step-by-step graphics guide in the SPECIFICATION section.
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We ship within 14 days after you provide all documents needed.

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