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- Metal and plastic buttons, print is covered with transparent glossy foil for print protection and for greater motive effect
- Back side can be used for various purposes, you can find detailed description with each type
- Button motives are printed on 80-120g/m2 paper
- We offer
9 types of atypical buttons (see below)
- State the product code in your order (codes can be found in brackets)
- See SPECIFICATIONS for real size previews (1:1) and information on data submission
- Use our order FORM or e-mail for quick calculations or orders
- Contact us if you have any questions!



44mm – circle / clip with magnet
44mm – circle / key ring – figure shape
44mm – circle / with LED diode
44mm – circle / key ring
56mm – circle / “2in1“
56mm – circle / clip
58mm – circle / clip with magnet
90mm – circle / “3in1“**
110mm – circle / “3in1“**

(code B405)
(code B501)
(code B502)
(code B503)
(code B504)
(code B505)
(code B408)
(code B506)
(code B507)


* buttons “2in1” = safety pin + stand
This button is unique because it allows you to change your motives without using extra machines. You simply take off the upper plastic part, change your motive and put the upper plastic part back.

The button has a safety pin but can be also used as a stand.
It can be used as a name tag, price tag or as a label in display cabinets.

** buttons “3in1” = safety pin + magnet + stand
Two magnets allow you to place the button on metal surfaces (e.g. fridge)
With safety pin it can be used as a regular button.
With a stand you can use it as a picture frame.


We ship within 14 days after you provide all documents needed.


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