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If you are interested, we can apply any sticker you choose where you need it. You will discuss application times and other specifications directly with our technicians.

For calculations or any other questions, please contact us.
If you want to see products finished by us, you can look in our GALLERY.

In addition to sticker application on vehicles, windows, walls or floors, we also back (glue) boards or sign boards of your choice. Information on sign boards and PVC plates see below.



Sign boards are a very popular product. Sign boards are typically placed above door entrances, on fences or stands of different sizes. They are used as advertising banners or become parts of exhibitions and trade shows.

The most commonly used material for sign boards is foamed PVC (Kapatex) or aluminum sandwich (Skybond). Both materials are available in various thicknesses.

The actual advertising messages can be applied on sign boards in two ways. The first option is to glue cut graphics, in other words, apply plotter foil "letter by letter." The other option, our preferred option, is a fullprint sticker digitally printed on self-adhesive laminated foil. This method allows us to produce sign boards in high print resolution, ensuring its extended durability.

We will make a banner for you in any size. The maximum size of one part is 3x2 m. When you order larger formats, the final board consists of more parts.

You can also order smaller size boards. We are able to deliver smaller size boards in larger numbers of pieces.

If you want to see your calculation or have further questions, please contact us!


PVC panels are ideal for "fixed" adverts that you place on buildings, in front off your office, on fences or into the interior.

Unlike banners or paper, it keeps its shape and therefore it is best for adverts that you put up and leave in one place. They are usually drilled into the walls.

Lightweight boards can also be fixed with double-sided tape (make sure you use lots of tape, otherwise the board may fall off the wall).

We offer a wide range of boards; standard full boards, cellular (lightweight) boards and opal plexiglass boards for lighted advertising.

We glue PVC stickers on boards. Matte or glossy lamination is optional. The resulting "sandwich" has long durability and matte lamination gives the board exclusive look.

If you need other than standard shapes, e.g. letters or more complicated shapes (circles, ovals, etc.), we are able to cut those shapes on CNC milling machine.

Contact us.
We offer a wide range of boards in various thicknesses:
- Foamed PVC boards, thickness: 1-10 mm
- Cellular PVC boards, thickness: 5 mm and 10 mm
- Opal plexi glass boards, thickness: 2-10 mm

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