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Picks - specification



Ideal form of data to be delivered:

- please send you guitar pick motive in PSD, JPG or PNG format in quality resolution, black and white colors , no grayscale!

- Remember that guitar picks are small, so choose you guitar graphics carefuly to reach readable picks.


Informations for full color print:

- please we need your motive in CMYK and 300 DPI

- if you want black pick we need your motive with black background, if white - white background

- data as PSD, JPEG or PNG format. NO data in WORD as DOC!
- you will receive previews before final finishing order


Remember small dimensions of guitar picks, choose big letters, no shadows or blurriness.



Each order must include::

- number of items

- shape type and pick colour (SHAPE STYLES)

- print type and colours (TYPES OF PRINTS)



- Do you hesitate how to treat and process your graphic data and logo to fit the promotional item you have chosen?

- Is quality of your graphic data unsatisfactory?

- Is your graphic design incomplete and you need assistance to finalize the motif and graphic design?


Let our graphic and DTP studio do the job!



Delivery time is around 4 weeks after finishing the order.

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