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Promotional items - types

There are countless opportunities to deliver a promotional item. The following list shall introduce just a few of them. You might be surprised at the range of opportunities when a promotional item may represent your company or a brand.



Giveaways is a category of a wide range of items, small gifts to be handed-out. They are cheap promo products like pens, badges, stickers, screen wipers and other which allow mass distribution amongst wide public.


Promotional Items:

Promotional Items are typically used when a new product is introduced at the market. They attract clients’ attention and motivate them to buy the product.


Promotional Gifts:

Promotional Gifts are small gift items expressing thanks to the client for their interest in the company or its products. Promotional gifts include all kinds of items marked with a logo of the company or related to the company’s activities.


Promotional Gifts for Clients:

Promotional Gifts for Clients basically resemble Gift Items but they include a unique message by the company. Such a gift may be a key ring with a company’s logo and contacts handed out to visitors coming to the company’s trade fair stand.


Promotional Gifts for Colleagues:

Promotional Gifts for Colleagues have proven to improve relations at work, and they are natural and friendly means of a reward. Promotional Gifts for Colleagues include a range of products from watches, electronic appliances to sports equipment.


Promotional Apologetic Gifts:

Everybody sometimes has to say sorry. However, the apology is more efficient once you attach a gift showing that you care. Apologetic Gifts usually include pen sets or various gift sets.


Promotional Gifts for Managers:

Promotional Gifts for Managers are aimed at the top management of companies. They do not need to be equipped with a company’s logo or other promotional message; and they may be delivered within a gift set. Popular Promotional Gifts for Managers include exclusive pen sets, briefcases or watches.


Anniversary and Recognition Gifts:

Anniversary and Recognition Gifts typically include luxurious gifts for special clients and business partners to develop and support the exclusive relation. Anniversary and Recognition Gifts are traditionally given by companies celebrating a significant anniversary or important business event.


Premium Promotional Gifts:

Premium Promotional Gifts include all gift and promotional stuff customized to fit certain opportunity. They may be distributed as a reward for purchase exceeding given limit, etc.


Activating Promotional Gifts:

Activating Promotional Gifts motivate a prospective consumer to buy a product. The client may receive a clock when buying an office desk and is therefore motivated to buy your product.


Competition and Sponsor’s Promotional Gifts:

Competition and Sponsor’s Promotional Gifts are irreplaceable when it comes to organizing or participating in all kinds of events. The public enjoys T-shirts, balloons and other stuff with the company’s logo which supports the company as well as the brand.



Merchandise is efficient with famous and popular brands or products only. The brands or products are in fact so popular that clients themselves shall buy promotional items and use them.


Promotional Items as Mailing Enclosures:

Small gifts to be enclosed with your mailing are a great way to attract and please your customers. No matter if it is a sticker, toy, or badge, a gift shows you care.


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