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Promotional items - specification



Ideal form of data to be delivered:

- provide us with real-size graphic data to be printed 1:1 (300dpi),

- if possible, provide the data in cdr, ai, or eps files,

- if your data is a bitmap, please, consult our graphic designer,

- if consulted beforehand, we accept COREL and ADOBE files as well as eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff, and other files.



Each order must include::

- number of items and exact type of the item (see How to Order),

- dimensions of each print in centimetres.



- Do you hesitate how to treat and process your graphic data and logo to fit the promotional item you have chosen?

- Is quality of your graphic data unsatisfactory?

- Is your graphic design incomplete and you need assistance to finalize the motif and graphic design?


Let our graphic and DTP studio do the job!



Dispatch Term is within fortnight since all order details were delivered (provided all items are on stock).



Modern technologies and software allow any item to be printed and decorated with anything. Gifts may be delivered with or without any promotional print. Promotional gift items keep growing in favour, particularly luxurious promotional gifts when the receiver is very well informed who gave them the item and the promotion desired is achieved without print. In case you are not sure what type of print fits your demand, let us advise and help you.



All is very simple. Click ORDER form and you will instantly see everything that is necessary to fill in. In case you do not know some information, you do not fill it in. Asterisked items are compulsory.
To make your order easy and quick to be dispatched, please, always fill in the TYPE, QUANTITY and INFO details. Fill in the full name of the product in TYPE box.
Example: OLIVIA PENCIL (in Stationery / Propelling Pencil): copy the full name ”12543-30 OLIVIA PENCIL Propelling Pencil” in TYPE box. If you do not wish to use the official order form, contact us at kontakt@crystalprod.cz, we shall be pleased to assist you.

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