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"Už bijí zvony (M)"

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T-SHOP is totally new project, that will be ready mainly for our customers. For our firm it means gallery and you will find textile that we already made.

Advantage for our customers is that thanx to placing of their merchandise at our T-SHOP they benefit totally FOR FREE advertisement everywhere, where we propagate our T-SHOP. It means not only at our webpages, but everywhere where we will have advertisement during all over year - at internet servers, in magazines, at festivals and concerts where we sell with Crystal Productions and of course also at social nets such as facebook where we reference on T-shirts practically all the time. If you want to know where and when we advertise, just write us and we will send you the link.


Why my T-shirts aren´t at T-SHOP, although I printed by your firm?

In this time that ís not possible to give on server all our orders we made. So if you print by us, that not automatically means that your T-shirt will be seen at T-SHOP. Also if you don´t want to have your material at our T-SHOP – or rather can be said that you don´t want to there is your contact to you can sell your material, it is necessary to write us at e-mail kontakt@crystalprod.cz.

If you are interested in having your product at T-SHOP, just write us at kontakt@crystalprod.cz. During few days we will add everything and send you the link for control. Priority have that customers that will write us that are interested in our T-SHOP. Than we will make another customers according to our consideration. In case you wont give us informations (link to your shop for buy and contact mail), we publish at T-SHOP e-mail by which you contacted us because of making merchandise. 


I am interested in adding my T-shirts at T-SHOP, but I printed our material by competitor

- Our database is bigger and bigger and also attendance on our pages and T-SHOP increases. That´s why we decided to go towards you as well, when you print somewhere else but you are interested for advertisement at our T-SHOP.

- Price for 1 article is 0,5€/month. Minimal time for placing your advertisement at T-SHOP is 1 year. As we said before, for our customers is T-SHOP totally for free.

to we can place your T-shirts at our database we need from you:
- small picture with size 160x165px (T-shirt with white background, only front side!)
- big picture with size 1100x605px (T-shirt with white background, front and back side)
- description of T-shirt, infos about material and type, info about availability
- contact e-mail
- link on your webpage, where is possible to buy T-shirt

In case you don´t know how to send the datas, just write us, we will give you an advice.


Difference between T-SHOP and E-SHOP

- In T-SHOP we wont sell anything like Crystal Productions and we don´t know nor status, if the shirts are available and we don´t know their prices. Everything is on seller (band, firm...). By us you will only know infos about T-shirt, how it looks like and you will get straight contact where you can buy shirt.

- E-SHOP is classic shop of Crystal Productions. Here you can buy everything what do you see in offer (included available colours and sizes) straight from us. There are our own products and distro.


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