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"2013 - Kluk s holkou (F)"

Textile necklabels

Necklabels are one of the most asking supplements for our customers. You can wear them such as firm for your original textil or such as band you can have your own merchandise – there is no easier way than have your original sublimated or woven necklabel.



- of course you can prepare any theme
- standart size is 3,5x7,5cm
- from the front side we recommend except your motive leave also entry about size of given textile (S,M,L...)
- from the back side we recommend insert washing symbols, infos abour origin and compositions of textile in languages of markets where you will distribute (more infos about conditions of using symbols and other asks we will write you on your request on grafika@crystalprod.cz)
- HERE you can see how your necklabel could look



It is the most modern technology of printing of necklabels and ribbons with photography quality of final result. Necklabels have great properties – the colour isn´t washing out during the process, chemical cleaning and streak. It is possible to make any graphic motive in minimum number (100 pieces) and in short term of delivery (mostly till 3 days).



We can offer you woven necklabels up to 6 coloured in minimum size 1000 pieces, term of delivery 10-14 days. Necklabels is possible to arrange for single pieces, with ironed guides, ironed out on half, with shaped cut out by laser or in basic version – never ending ribbon. 



You can see the previews of final necklabels from our production in GALLERY.

Are you searching cheaper alternative or do you need on each piece different sign? We also offer print of PAPER TAGS.

If you have any asks, don´t hesitate to contact us at kontakt@crystalprod.cz.

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