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Vinyl (PVC) stickers




- Plastic stickers are suitable especially for wet environment (including air humidity)
e.g. cars, shop windows, entrance doors, post boxes, pipes, machines, equipment, furniture, etc.
- We use
screen printing technology (larger series with a small number of colours, white, silver, gold printing) or digital printing technology (smaller series, full-color photo printing)
- We print on white, transparent or coloured
PVC foils, durability from 2 to 10 years
- We offer
wide range of printable media, including holographic foils or foils for lighed signs
- We offer
glossy or matte foils, permanent and non-permanent glue (for temporary use), transparent, translucent or opaque foils
- We also produce
stickers to be used under glass (glass frosted, used for glass stickers)
- Stickers are
washable with commonly used detergents
- We offer
various shapes of stickers (round corners, circle, oval, atypicall shapes, cut-out advertising)
- We can create
3D effect on your stickers using clear resin
- Our foils are protected with liquid varnish (e.g. perforated window graphics)
Laminated foils protect your prints (mechanical damage, UV radiation) and provide special effects (matte or pearl look)
- We also produce, so called, destructive stickers that
protect your products from unwanted manipulation.


We install your stickers on request - car stickers, boards (backing), shop windows, walls or floors.


You can find basic types of stickers HERE
Specific features and other types of self-adhesive foils are HERE
You can choose from sticker laminations HERE

- You can find step-by-step graphics guide in the SPECIFICATION section.
- Check out our GALLERY for inspiration!
- Click HERE for your order or to get a quote. It is fast and easy.



(basic and most frequently ordered products)


Matte vinyl stickers
Glossy vinyl stickers
Non-perm vinyl stickers
Glossy transparent stickers
White reflective stickers
Floor Stickers
Backing - on boards
(see section "Additional services - PVC boards")
Destructive stickers
Cut-out stickers


Stickers are widely used. Our stickers are suitable for flat surfaces, walls, glass surfaces, vehicles and other surfaces. We can make any shape you want because we use digitally programmed cutting technique.
We can advise you on the best type of stickers when you tell us what surface you want your sticker on. Just contact us.



- Monomeric foils (standard use for flat surfaces, durability 3 years, standard – glossy, matte on request)
Cast polymeric foils (best for vehicles and uneven surfaces, lamination necessary)
Magnetic foils (for temporary use on cars)
Transparent foils (clear foils)
Perforated foils (for windows and vehicles)
Wallwrap foils (for walls and other structured surfaces)
Cover foils (black glue)
Reflective foils (print and plotter foils, e.g for traffic signs)
Translucent foils (for lighted signs)
Plotter foils (cut-out graphic)
Fotoluminiscent foils (for emergency signs)
Safety foils (protection foils)
Frosted glass imitation foils


- Glossy or matte (for monomeric foils)
Cast (for cast stickers)
Polymeric (for polymeric foils)
Floor lamination (for floor advertising , heavy duty foil)
Anti grafitti (easy to wash with special solution or thinner)
Lamination provides estetic and protective features. Parcial UV lacquer can be added.


We also produce so called destructive stickers that protect your products from unwanted manipulation.

Stickers are printed on safety foils. Stickers can’t be resealed. Any attempts of manipulation destroy the sticker. Those stickers are mostly used as labels
for various products, technical controls, service stickers, etc.
We can put any text or picture on you sticker. Every sticker can be an original even when you need to change e.g. serial numbers on stickers!

If you wish to order destructive stickers or if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Cut-out advertising is a specific product. We produce adverts in any size and shape, precisely cut, with a laser lead cutting plotter. We use many types of high quality foils that guarantee durability of such adverts up to 8 years.

Cut-out adverts are mostly used for windows, shop windows, display cabinets, cars, trams, buses, truck trailers or info signs. Cut-out adverts in combination with PVC boards are very popular.

White, black, coloured or metallic foils are commonly used.
Durability: 3-4 years, 4-5 years, 7-8 years,

We offer other special foils for cut-out adverts:
- Reflective
- Banner (used for banners)
- Fluorescent
- Translucent (for ligted signs)
- Transparent
- Magnetic
- Frosted
- Printable Iron-on foils
- Textile iron-on foils with rubber and flock surface

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



Till 10 working days after you provide all documents needed.

Do you need your products faster than this? Contact us!

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