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Stickers - paper




- Paper stickers, labels, etiquettes are suitable for indoor use only (e.g. catalogs, price lists etc.)
- We use offset or digital print technology
- The
surface of paper stickers can be glossy or matte
- Laminated layer can be applied on those stickers. Stickers will be more resistant and have a professional look.
- The size can be from a few millimetres to 100cm. The size can be larger but adhesion of the sticker would be problematic.
- Stickers can
have various shapes (round corners, circles, ovals, custom shapes).
- Stickers can be separated into individual pieces or arranged on sheets for easy separation.
- Stickers can be
cut according to the size or prepared as a shaped cut.
- Stickers are available
with a split paper on the back. Split paper enables easier separation of the sticker from the paper base.


Favorite formats for white sticker paper (for indoor use)

37x52mm (A9)
50x20mm (rounded corners)
52x74mm (A8)
70x25mm (rounded corners)
74x105mm (A7)
85x55mm (rounded corners)
98x210mm (L)
105x148mm (A6)

148x210mm (A5)
210x297mm (A4)
297x420mm (A3)
Průměr 40mm (circle)
Průměr 80mm (circle)
145x95mm (oval)


You can, of course, choose any of your favorite formats.

All these formats can be done on durable VINYL STICKERS (for outdoor use).
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


- You can find step-by-step graphics guide in the SPECIFICATION section.
- Check out our GALLERY for inspiration!
- Click HERE for your order or to get a quote. It is fast and easy.



We do express deliveries (additional cost) within 3-4 working days or standard deliveries within 7-8 working days after you provide all documents needed.


Do you need your products faster than this? Contact us! In most cases we can ship faster.

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