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"Grindgod (M)"

Making music vinyls



Vinyl is valued for its unique sound and atmosphere and therefore we are very pleased to place them in our offer. MINIMUM ORDER FROM 250pcs! Contact us for more information about prices!


We ensure analogue music media. You can choose from 7", 10" and 12" formats in classic black or in colour combinations, including picture vinyls.


Vinyls are packed in white inner bags with inner foil (2 holes, weight 90g/m2). We are able and happy to work on your vinyl and prints until you are satisfied with it. You can find more info about printed parts HERE. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.



12"LP (30 cm)
weight: 110 g, 140 g, 160 g, 180 g, 200 g or 220 g
maximum 12 minutes - 45 rpm*
maximum 22 minutes - 33 rpm*


10"EP (25 cm)
weight: 100 g
maximum 8 minutes - 45 rpm*
maximum 14 minutes - 33 rpm*


7"SP (17,5 cm)
weight: 40g or 70g
maximum 4,5 minutes – 45 rpm*
maximum 6 minutes - 33 rpm*



Do you want an atypical or irregular shape of your vinyl? No problem!

- Quality of the recording remains the same as on the standard vinyl
- Edges are perfectly surfaced
- The choice of shape is almost unlimited and it gives space to your creativity (deeper cuts reduce the record field – name your shape and we will tell you how much music you can have on you vinyl)
- Picture vinyls can be also in different shapes

*we recommend using given running times, longer running times then mentioned means reduced level of cutting and change of sound

Would you like to get a quote? Please fill this form and send us it on email.

Check our gallery to see types of shapes, picture vinyls or other offers.

To find more information about printed parts and label prints please go to the Service section.

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