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Cards, pocket calendars

Business cards Pocket calendars


Are you tired because you have to write down your contact details for each of your business partners, clients, friends or fans? Get your own business cards! You can choose from plain or folded cards in two standard sizes. We offer many luxury or traditional paper types, round corners or any surface adjustments within the standard or express shipping times.

Standard formats of business cards: Special luxury paper:




Most popular paper types:

- glossy or matte coated paper:
200g/m2, 250g/m2, 300g/m2, 350g/m2, 400g/m2

- offset paper:
300g/m2, 350g/m2, 400g/m2

- light white recycled paper:


Chromo cardboard 280g/m2 (reverse side uncoated)
Splendorgel Extra 340 g/m2
Splendorlux Premium 250 g/m2
Constellation Snow Tela 280 g/m2
Acquerello Avorio 280 g/m2
Woodstock Betulla 285 g/m2
Sirio Pearl Ice White 300 g/m2
Sirio Pearl Platinum 300 g/m2





Other formats by prior arrangements.
If you want to know more about differences between luxury paper types, contact us. We will be happy to provide detailed information. Let us know if you look for other special paper types.


Promote your label, band, company, fan club or anything you want!

If you want to treat your partners or fans to something more than just a business card, give them our calendars. Every year, by the end of summer we prepare a new collection of calendars for the following year in light or dark, vertical or horizontal version. We offer them every year for a special price. Laminated surface is waterproof and it doesn’t wear out so easily.
Special calendars - front side printed in full colour back side is in black and white. You can put your contact details on the back.
For pre-made options of calendars for 2014 look HERE.
Standard size is 90x54mm.
Calendars are printed on a heavier paper so they last for a long time!

Special price for those calendars is 1000pcs/36,50€ + VAT (according to the current exchange rate)


In case you want different size, colour or paper, contact us and we will send the calculations.


KStandard black and white or full-colour (CMYK) motives or special colours are available. You can also choose any direct PANTONE colour – silver or gold.


* special colour offer does not apply to the special calendars

- You can find step-by-step graphics guide in the SPECIFICATION section.
- Check out our GALLERY for inspiration!
- Click HERE for your order or to get a quote. It is fast and easy.



We do express deliveries (additional cost) within 1-4 working days or standard deliveries within 3-8 working days after you provide all documents needed.

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