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Gifts - specifications



You can send the data in the following forms:

- send the graphics data in the highest definition, at least in full computer screen size

- your graphics data can be consulted with our graphics specialist and he can advice and help you with potential problems

- we accept all traditional formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF, CDR, other formats on request

- always send the graphics in RGB colour model!

- no worries if you do not have your graphics in digital form - we can scan your photo or picture



We need to know the following information for each order or quote:

- number of pieces

- product code and colour code (specified for each product)

- motif, photo that you would like to print on the product (gift)   

NOTE: each product requires specific graphics and has also specific print sizes! Always choose your product (gift) first and then consult the size and graphics specifications with our graphics specialist.


- If you don’t know how to make your graphics or your logo

- If your graphics isn’t in a good definition

- If you have unfinished graphics or you need help with your motif design…


Our graphics and DTP studio is here to help! 



Shipping is within 5 days from the final order confirmation supposing we have the product in the color you want in stock. In many cases (for example mugs) small orders can be done while you wait!

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